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The Protections Afforded by 10 CFR 50.7

Employee Protection

October 16, 2012

Central to the mission of ABSG Consulting Inc. ("ABS Consulting") is the protection of our employees and subcontractors from various types of actions, including but not limited to discrimination or retaliation when they bring to our attention or to the attention of government authorities, conditions or procedures that may or do not conform to the highest safety, legal or ethical standards. This is of particular importance when dealing with nuclear safety. Only by empowering our staff to exercise their critical judgment without fear of unwarranted consequences when they voice their concerns are we able to perform critical work for our clients at the high level which they demand. Accordingly, it is the policy of ABS Consulting not to terminate, suspend, demote, blacklist, or take any other action that would dissuade employees or subcontractors from reporting to their superiors, to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or to Congress violations of NRC procedures or nuclear safety issues.

In fact, ABS Consulting trains and encourages its employees affirmatively to report conditions that might constitute a threat to safety or contravene NRC procedures. Employees are asked to identify and question the impact of inadequate staffing on nuclear safety and point out potential quality and reliability issues with hardware and inadequacies in procedures or services. Accordingly, and as provided in Section 211 of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 and in Section 50.7 of the NRC regulations, ABS Consulting employees cannot suffer discrimination or any form of retaliation when they provide to their employer or to the NRC information about potential violations of applicable nuclear safety law, or if they refuse to engage in any unlawful practice or seek NRC action against such violation or improper practice. Protected activities also include filing nonconformance reports, testifying in NRC enforcement proceedings, disclosing or complaining about safety (including radiation level) violations, or even participating in surveillance to identify safety violations, such as incorrectly calibrated instruments.

In furtherance of its safety mission, ABS Consulting informs and trains its employees of their right to seek redress for any discrimination for engaging in these protected activities by filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division.

When an ABS Consulting team takes on an assignment for a nuclear industry client, our adherence to this strict regime to protect the critical thinking and independent judgment of our employees means that our clients get the best work from the best people. By protecting and in fact demanding accuracy and candor from our staff, we ensure that the best interests of our clients, which invariably include the safety of their employees and of the public, are our first priority.


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