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ABS Consulting Launches New Learning Management System (LMS) Training Site

ABS Consulting launched a Learning Management System (LMS) training portal to improve online registration and manage customer and employee training. The site is used to register for courses, track, coordinate, quantify and otherwise manage all training, education and certificates for a diverse array of learning and e-learning requirements. The ABS Consulting LMS is flexible, so customer support engineers can tailor the LMS specifically for the type of training or environment (instructor-led, online or home study through books or other materials). Classes may also be held onsite in an instructor led classroom setting - at either the client's site or one of many ABS Consulting training facilities.

Additionally, the ABS Consulting LMS features include:

"An LMS is critical to employee development because they manage and track learning programs with automated tools that greatly enhance the capabilities of managers," said Darryl Brown, Manager, Public Courses for ABS Consulting. "The ABS Consulting training program impacts a large variety of participants globally, so we're excited to be able to simplify the registration, course tracking and certificate process for them."

ABS Consulting Now Offers eLearning – Receive Environmental Training Without the Travel Expense

ABS Consulting offers online environmental training courses. Designed by authoritative experts, eLearning courses cover areas that include regulations for air, water, waste and management systems.

Using an online training format, ABS Consulting delivers on-demand, an immediate and cost-effective educational solution that improves regulatory compliance and implementation competencies for environmental issues.

Benefits of ABS Consulting online training:

Learn more about ABS Consulting eLearning.

For more information, contact Darryl Brown, ABS Consulting Manager, Public Courses, at (281) 673-2921 or via email at ddbrown@absconsulting.com.

New OSHA National Emphasis Program Will Help Protect Workers from Chemical and Physical Hazards in the Primary Metals Industries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a new directive establishing a National Emphasis Program (NEP) for the Primary Metals Industries. The purpose of this NEP is to identify and reduce or eliminate worker exposures to harmful chemical and physical hazards in establishments producing metal products.

Establishments in the primary metals industries are involved in extracting and refining metals from rocks containing iron, lead, nickel and tin, among other elements. Among these establishments are those that manufacture nails, insulated wires and cables, steel piping, and copper and aluminum products.

The primary metals industries became a concern during OSHA's review of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. Previous OSHA inspections of establishments in this industry revealed that workers were exposed to metal dusts and fumes, carbon monoxide, lead and silica, among other substances. Inspections also showed that workers were exposed to noise and heat hazards. OSHA developed this program because of the seriousness and frequency of these problems.

"Workers who are not properly protected from the hazards of metals refining are at increased risk of serious, potentially deadly health effects," said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels. "OSHA's new enforcement program will raise awareness of the dangers of exposure to metals and other chemicals, so that employers can correct hazards and comply with OSHA standards."

Workers exposed to various substances found in these industries can suffer damage to the eyes, nose, throat and skin and can experience difficulty breathing and chest and joint pain. Overexposures can also lead to death. The goals of the NEP include minimizing or eliminating exposure to chemical hazards and physical hazards such as noise and heat. Other goals include inspecting facilities that manufacture primary metals and metal products, and conducting follow-up site visits to ensure that there has been a reduction or elimination of exposures.

OSHA also has National Emphasis Programs for Hexavalent Chromium*, Lead* and Crystalline Silica. For more information on the hazards of various metals and solutions to control exposures, visit OSHA's Safety and Health Topics and Publications pages on Toxic Metals.

For more information, visit http://www.osha.gov.


renewableUK Offshore Wind 2011 Conference and Exhibition

RenewableUK Offshore Wind
June 29-30, 2011
Liverpool, UK
Booth #35


SEMS Compliance (30 CFR 250)
July 13, 2011 - ABS Plaza - Houston, TX
- OR -
SEMS Compliance and Implementation (30 CFR 250)
August 23-25, 2011 - ABS Plaza - Houston, TX

BOEMRE's new regulation (30 CFR 250) requires offshore owners/operators and contractors to implement a Safety and Environmental System (SEMS) by November 15, 2011. This practical, workshop-driven course will equip you with tools and examples of how to achieve compliance and improve offshore process safety performance.

Reliability and Operational Excellence
July 19-20, 2011 - ABS Consulting - Knoxville, TN
- OR -
Reliability and Operational Excellence with What Tool? When?
July 19-21, 2011 - ABS Consulting - Knoxville, TN

These courses demonstrate how the best plants compete via a reliability strategy that combines the best elements of Lean Manufacturing, TPM, RCM, Six Sigma and other methodologies. Through extensive case study examples, you will see ways to design, operate, and maintain processes and equipment for maximum production capacity.

THESIS Risk Management Basics
July 20, 2011 - ABS Institute - Houston, TX
- OR -
THESIS Risk Management Theory and Practice
July 20-21, 2011 - ABS Institute - Houston, TX

These courses review Risk Management and Hazard and Effects Management Process (HEMP) concepts. You can attend one day and get the basics or attend two days and get a thorough grounding in the THESIS principles and practices. THESIS is the original and market-leading software, and the THESIS BowTie approach to risk management gives a graphic display of the relationship of the various results of the HEMP concepts.

Root Cause Analysis Essentials
July 26-27, 2011 - ABS Plaza - Houston, TX
- OR -
Root Cause Analysis and Human Error Prevention Essentials
July 26-28, 2011 - ABS Plaza - Houston, TX

The first is a shorter version of our popular Root Cause Analysis course designed for personnel performing investigations of simple incidents. The second is a shorter version of our popular Root Cause Analysis and Human Error Prevention courses. Both courses give you valuable resources for use in your investigations.

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ClassPass™ Discount Coupons

Great savings and flexibility for you and your company. Savings of up to 57% per day on any ABS Consulting public training course – one coupon per day (or partial day) per person. Passes may be used by anyone in the company. A 20-day Gold package is now only $5000 (a savings of over 35% off the former price) and a 50-day Platinum package is now only $11,500 (a savings of over 36% off the former price).

No training discounts apply to the Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Training courses. Discounts may not be combined with other discounts. Click here for details.

Upcoming Courses: June 2011 - August 2011

*Take two or more courses during the same week to SAVE! Combination options are highlighted. View the course calendar for a complete list of courses.


Environmental Compliance Bootcamp
August 8-12 - San Diego, CA

Combined Course: Certified ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Lead Auditor*
July 25-29 - San Antonio, TX

Certified ISO 14001 Lead Auditor*
July 26-29 - San Antonio, TX

OSHA Compliance Bootcamp
July 25-29 - Hilton Head Island, SC

Beyond Environmental Bootcamp
July 26-28 - Houston, TX

Clean Air Compliance Institute
August 9-12 - Hilton Head Island, SC



Management of Change
June 20-21 - Houston, TX

Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses
June 22-23 - Houston, TX

Advanced PHA leader
June 24 - Houston, TX

Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation
June 20-22 - Hilton Head Island, SC

Human Error Prevention
June 23-24 - Hilton Head Island, SC

Facility Siting Hazards Analysis Techniques
July 13-15 - San Antonio, TX

SEMS Compliance (30 CFR 250)
July 13 - Houston, TX

Layer of Protection Analysis
July 18-19 - Houston, TX

Safety Integrity Level
July 20-21 - Houston, TX

Reliability and Operational Excellence
July 19-20 - Knoxville, TN

Reliability and Operational Excellence with What Tool? When?
July 19-21 - Knoxville, TN

THESIS Risk Management Basics
July 20 - Houston, TX

THESIS Risk Management Theory and Practice
July 20-21 - Houston, TX

Operating and Maintenance Procedures
July 25-26 - Knoxville, TN

Conduct of Operations
July 27-28 - Knoxville, TN

Process Safety Management Compliance
July 25-27 - Houston, TX

Compliance Auditing
July 28-29 - Houston, TX

Root Cause Analysis Essentials
July 26-27 - Houston, TX

Root Cause Analysis and Human Error Prevention Essentials
July 26-28 - Houston, TX

Process Hazard Analysis Leader
August 1-5 - Houston, TX

Risk Based Process Safety
August 8-9 - Houston, TX

Understanding Codes and Standards
August 9-10 - Knoxville, TN

Mechanical Integrity
August 11-12 - Knoxville, TN

SEMS Compliance (30 CFR 250)
August 23 - Houston, TX

SEMS Compliance and Implementation (30 CFR 250)
August 23-25 - Houston, TX



OSHA Compliance Bootcamp
July 25-29 - Hilton Head Island, SC



Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor*
July 25-28 - San Antonio, TX



Offshore Rules and Regulations for Floating Production Installations*
June 17 - Houston, TX

Environmental Awareness*
June 20 - Houston, TX

ISM Code Internal Auditor
June 21-23 - Houston, TX
August 9-11 - Kenner, LA

OHSAS 18001:2007 Internal Auditor*
June 23-24 - Houston, TX

Vetting Inspections for LNG Vessels*
June 27-28 - Houston, TX

Structural and Winterization Requirements for FOI's*
June 28-July 1 - Houston, TX

Certification of Drilling Systems*
June 29-July 1 - Houston, TX

Port State Control Inspections*
July 7-8 - Houston, TX

Maritime Labour Convention (ILO-MLC, 2006), Compliance*
July 14-15 - Houston, TX

MODU - Design & Construction*
July 18-20 - Houston, TX

ISO 9001, QMS - Lead Auditor*
July 25-28 - San Antonio, TX

Practical Implementation of Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM)*
July 25-26 - Houston, TX

Main and Auxiliary Engine Inspections for Superintendents*
July 28 - Houston, TX

We're sure you'll be satisfied with the content of our courses. If you're not, tell us why in a brief letter, and we will credit your investment toward another course.

**No training discounts apply.

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