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Wind Turbine In-Service Condition Monitoring

Maximize return-on-investment (ROI) and reliability of assets.

Expertise to Help You Avoid Downtime and Unexpected Costs

The wind energy sector is growing quickly in terms of the number and capacity of installed turbines, as well as the pace of technology development. To maintain reliability and availability throughout the life of wind assets, condition monitoring during the in-service phase is critical. Unplanned maintenance can have a severe impact on net income. The ability to predict maintenance and understand risk allows owners and operators to manage impacts and plan work accordingly.

An effective condition monitoring program allows for regular inspections and monitoring of wind turbine components throughout an asset's lifetime. That includes an efficient condition monitoring system that will collect relevant data, analyze data and provide an output that will help to optimize the asset.

A condition monitoring program will help you:


Our Services

ABS Consulting's engineers have the multidisciplinary expertise to help you develop a condition monitoring program that will improve asset capability, which leads to lower costs, improved production, greater flexibility in maintenance planning, more effective resource planning, lower risk and improved statistical analysis of fleet performance. In turn, each of these benefits leads to improved employee morale, reliability, cost prediction and certainty. This places your asset in a better position to meet ROI.


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