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QHSSE Risk Prevention

Safety is always first.

ABS Consulting helps everyone associated with a project to manage their renewable/wind energy projects to the highest quality, health, safety, security and environmental (QHSSE) standards in the industry by applying a preventive and risk-based approach that covers all phases of the renewable/wind energy project life cycle.

QHSSE Challenges

ABS Consulting enables clients to overcome the primary QHSSE challenges facing renewable/wind energy projects, which include:

QHSSE Solutions

ABS Consulting's innovative preventive and risk-based QHSSE approach helps clients address the challenges noted above through implementation of a five-step risk-prevention hierarchy (see figure 1), which allows for the identification of those risks most likely to pose a danger to your renewable energy / wind farm project and mitigation of those risks with compliance as the end goal.

QHSSE Risk Prevention Hierarchy

Figure 1 - ABS Consulting QHSSE Risk-Prevention Hierarchy


Aside from applying a proactive risk-prevention hierarchy to identify and mitigate risks to a renewable energy/wind farm project, ABS Consulting also helps clients establish, manage and monitor activities during the entire project life cycle through implementation of a rigorous, comprehensive QHSSE system, which identifies active key performance indicators (KPIs) before they negatively impact your project (see table 1).


Active Key Performance Indicators

Reactive Key Performance Indicators

Management of Change (MOC)


Risk Assessments (Including LMRA)

Long-Term Health Issues

Toolbox Meetings


QHSSE Inductions

Near Misses

Assessments and Inspections

Environmental Incident

QHSSE Meetings

Lost-Time Injury Frequency (LTIF)

QHSSE Training Hours

Severity Index (SI)

Safety and Quality Observations

Non-Conformances (NCRs)

Table 1 - Sample Active and Reactive QHSSE KPIs

ABS Consulting's proactive and practical QHSSE system, in combination with our innovative risk-prevention hierarchy, can help you keep your renewable energy / wind farm project on time, on quality and on budget. By incorporating and implementing thorough and proven risk management practices and assessments through all phases of the project life cycle, from design to operations and maintenance, ABS Consulting will involve your team in every aspect of the QHSSE process and will help you foster a level of QHSSE awareness and practical competence that your organization can draw upon to keep your wind turbines and wind farms running smoothly, safely and profitably for many years to come.


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