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From Concept Through Operation...

Advances in technology and concerns about fossil fuel consumption are leading companies, developers and governmental agencies to consider renewable energy as a viable investment for the future. Investment in renewable energy permits companies to harness the world's power for future generations.

From Concept through Operation, we can help you maximize the return of investment from your wind energy assets throughout every phase of the life cycle. Our experience with fixed and floating renewable energy systems combined with unparalleled hazard analysis software and modeling capabilities allows us to provide unmatched technical and project management services for on- and offshore wind projects worldwide.

I. Conceptual Phase

Think, Envision, and Plan Your Wind Project with Lifecycle Lens

When considering a new wind farm project, it's easy to focus too heavily on commercial and technical issues that can prove short-sighted. Without the proper feasibility, planning, and coordination, these issues can be more costly in the long project life cycle.

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II. Design Basis Phase

Establish Proper Risk Exposure of Wind Turbines and Project Certification

Establishing the wrong design basis could have a severe impact in both the financial projections as well as the credibility of your organization. You want an advisor who can provide authoritative, proven solutions who can not only strengthen your team and plan for the expected, but also who can help you optimize and see the unexpected to control that issue from propagating.

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III. Site-Specific Phase

On- and Offshore Wind Project Certification

As turbines are not customized for every site, making decisions about wind turbine manufacturers and sub-contractors can be a challenge - especially when there is very little information available. With an independent, objective third-party engineering firm you can rest assured that you are headed in the right direction and that you are only paying for what is necessary to get an optimized design.

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IV. Manufacturing Phase

Due Diligence and Monitoring of Supply Chain

In a global wind energy economy, products and components are typically manufactured in one location and then shipped to their final destination. Specifying and monitoring the wind turbine supply chain is essential to securing high quality materials at competitive prices.

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V. Installation Phase

Construction and Safety Managers for Safe and Diligent Installation

Balancing safety, quality, logistics, compliance and local public relations can be a daunting task when safely installing a wind farm. As such, the drive to quickly generate revenue can conflict with proven safe management processes.

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VI. Commissioning Phase

Witness Testing for a Reliable Wind Farm Operation

Avoiding surprises during this phase is crucial for the long-term reliability and availability of your wind farm. Making sure a wind farm is ready to operate requires a commissioning plan that skillfully blends both technical know-how and real-world safety experience to make sure inspections and quality controls are being met.

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VII. In-Service Phase

Periodic Wind Turbine Inspections Deliver Maximum Availability and Performance

Turbine efficiency, reliability and availability can mean the difference between a good and bad wind energy investment that ultimately impacts your bottom line. Periodic wind energy monitoring and condition inspections throughout the In-Service life cycle phase can help you predict potential failures before they lead to more extensive damage to ancillary components.

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