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As renewable / wind energy projects grow in size and complexity, and are increasingly located in inaccessible locations, the need for effective project management oversight and control is greater than ever. ABS Consulting's team of renewable / wind energy engineers and experts successfully manage onshore and offshore projects in Europa, America and around the world and have proven expertise in providing the staff, systems and processes to bring projects to successful completion within time, budget and resource constraints.

Wind Farm, Turbine and Manufacturing Project Management

Project management is an essential oversight function that monitors, controls, audits and confirms adherence to project specifications, standards and requirements through development of quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and testing processes and procedures.

Established Procedures, Local PM Capabilities

ABS Consulting's ISO 9001-certified project management services apply to the entire renewable / wind energy project life cycle and help to ensure that:

Renewable / Wind Energy PM Services—What's the Value?

ABS Consulting's world-class team of renewable/wind energy Project Management engineers and experts combine years of practical experience with solid technical expertise to resolve the most difficult challenges and deliver real value to stakeholders by maximizing ROI through successfully bringing projects to completion on time, on budget and on specifications.

Upon selecting ABS Consulting as your renewable/wind energy PM team, we will quickly ramp up your project by bringing the right people to the right place at the right time (see Table 1).




Project Quality Director

The project quality director will be the person responsible for project management services and will:

  • Plan, direct and control activities relating to quality;
  • Report to the client’s project quality manager and be supported by various ABS Consulting project quality managers;
  • Review resource requirements and advise you on present and future needs relating to project quality and also identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Provide leadership and ensure that the project quality management system, quality plan, quality objectives and quality procedures are developed, implemented, maintained and clearly understood; and
  • Maintain close contact with all ABS Consulting project quality managers and QA/QC personnel involved in the project, monitor their work progress against the master schedule, and notify you and your subcontractors of any delays.

Project Quality Manager

A project quality manager will be specifically assigned to each main contractor and will report to the project quality director. The project quality manager will:

  • Oversee quality relating to specific aspects of the project and administer the PM quality assurance program;
  • Drive continuous improvement programs and help to oversee the project quality coordinators assigned to the various work and service packages;
  • Resolve quality-related issues and carry out audits and evaluations of contractors and their vendors; and
  • Implement the project quality management plan and procedures in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Project Quality Coordinator

The project quality coordinator will report to the project quality manager and will:

  • Implement the PM system during the various stages of the project; and
  • Provide oversight of quality issues pertaining to the various contractors.

Local Inspectors

Local inspectors will be assigned to the project to:

  • Perform the necessary construction and installation inspections, as well as witness, verify and review activities against approved procedures and work instructions; and
  • Initiate non-conformance reports (NCRs) for items that do not meet specified requirements.

Local Auditors

Local auditors will be assigned to the project to:

  • Audit contractors in accordance with applicable international standards and project-specific quality requirements;
  • Audit vendors before or after contract award under vendor evaluation and qualification programs;
  • Identify systemic weaknesses and recommend improvements;
  • Initiate, track and follow up on NCRs;
  • Review vendor pre-audit preventive actions and post-audit corrective actions; and
  • Issue timely audit reports and report to project quality managers on the overall implementation status of the quality management system and its specific implementation by individual contractors and vendors.

Local Supervisors

Local supervisors will be assigned to the project to:

  • Supervise the quality of the work performed and verify that established procedures are implemented;
  • Provide construction oversight and review manufacturing, construction, installation and commissioning procedures; and
  • Monitor critical activities to verify they are performed safely and meet specified requirements.


Table 1: Sample list of ABS Consulting renewable / wind energy project management professional staff.


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