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Wind Energy Root Cause Analysis

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Root Cause Analysis

A wind turbine incident can cost more than unproductive downtime and expensive repairs - it can cause inestimable damage to a company's reputation. Using our proven SOURCE™ RCA methodology, ABS Consulting helps clients determine the causes of an incident, prevent a recurrence and promptly restore the confidence of workers, management, regulators and the public.


Wind Turbine Failure Root Cause Analysis

ABS Consulting's systematic root cause analysis approach consists of four main steps (see Figure 1).

ABS Consulting Systematic Root Cause Analysis Approach

Figure 1: Root Cause Analysis Overview


Step 1—Data Collection: Our experienced team of wind energy experts and analysts conduct personal interviews, make a photographic or videographic record of the site and gather all information pertinent to the incident, including maintenance and inspection logs, operating manuals and drawings, operating history and samples of the damaged or faulty turbine or component.

Step 2—Causal Factor Charting: Using the data collected, our experts and analysts create a sequence diagram of the events leading to the incident, with logic tests and descriptions for each event. The charting process culminates with identification of all causal factors that, if eliminated, could have prevented the incident or reduced its severity.

Step 3—Root Cause Identification: Using the causal factor charts, our experienced team constructs a root cause map that identifies the underlying reason or reasons for each causal factor. This step is crucially important because root causes are the fundamental reasons why the incident occurred, are manageable and allow us to generate recommendations to help prevent a recurrence.

Step 4—Recommendation Generation: In the final step, we prepare a thorough investigative report that includes descriptions of the causal factors charted, the path or paths through the root cause map associated with each causal factor and a list of practical, measurable and specific recommendations that can be implemented to help prevent a recurrence of the incident.

Benefits to Wind and Renewable Energy Projects

ABS Consulting's proven root cause analysis methodology provides several advantages to wind energy stakeholders, including:


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