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Wind turbines are capital investments that require proper operations and maintenance (O&M) to avoid costly equipment failures and unexpected repair and maintenance costs. ABS Consulting's O&M support strives to empower owners and operators with performance-based and risk-based solutions. Our key to success is having the experience to differentiate between severe, moderate and marginal damage so that appropriate follow-up measures can be taken to prevent disruption of wind farm operations.

Our experienced team of wind energy experts and wind turbine failure database allow us to facilitate decision-making and prioritize repairs. We further supplement this with our unique programmatic risk assessment tools coupled with the following inspection services (see table 1):


End-of-Warranty Inspection

Boroscope Inspection

Visual Inspection

Blade Delamination / Crack Inspection

QA/QC Inspection for Blade Repairs

Welding / Fabrication Inspection

Pre/Post-Transportation Inspection

Commissioning Inspection

Construction Inspection

Root Cause Evaluation Inspection

Insurance Claim Inspection

Gearbox Witnessing Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Mechanical Inspection

NDT Inspection

Inspection Reports / Documentation

Forensic Inspection

Expert Witness / Legal Matters

Table 1 - Sample List of Inspection Services Available


Proven Renewable Energy / Wind Turbine Experience

ABS Consulting has extensive experience from many years of addressing the toughest technical challenges faced by owners, investors and manufacturers of renewable energy / wind turbine projects around the world. Having worked on numerous renewable energy / wind turbine projects in Europa, the United States and around the world, our staff is uniquely qualified to inspect your wind turbines during every phase of their life cycle.

Reliable and Systematic Inspection Approach

ABS Consulting's multidisciplinary staff of engineers and inspectors have helped develop state-of-the-art engineering practices for the wind and renewable energy industry; therefore, we can proactively identify and classify problems before they threaten operations. A reliable and systematic inspection management program developed by ABS Consulting will recommend appropriate follow-up measures to optimize inspection frequency and effectiveness to keep your wind turbines running smoothly and trouble-free.

Customized, Industry-Compliant Inspection Services

ABS Consulting knows that no two wind farm projects are exactly the same; consequently, we take the time to understand your wind farm so we can tailor a customized inspection program that not only meets your specific needs and minimizes interruptions, but also complies with internationally recognized codes, standards, design specifications and specific technical project requirements.

Latest Inspection Tools, Methods and Quality Management System

Whether performing a thorough visual inspection of all wind turbine components, a vibration analysis of the drive train or a highly specialized video endoscopic examination of the gearbox, ABS Consulting always uses the latest and most thorough tools, methodologies and quality management system (QMS) to inspect the functionality of your wind turbines.

With ABS Consulting on your team, you always know and act appropriately based upon the current and predicted condition of your equipment.


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