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Security Mitigation Consultancy

Security Mitigation ConsultancyOrganisations are faced by an expanding list of threats from unpredictable origins. ABS Consulting offers a range of services to assist in reducing the security risks posed by these threats.

A total security solution is most effective when integrated with the organisational operational procedures and building design during conceptualisation. Our team will assist the project development teams, operators, security professionals, architects and developers to incorporate effective security measures into building designs from the outset of the project.

  • Assess the security threats and the key operational requirements of the building
  • Design security measures into plans
  • Assist or manage the tender procedure relating to security measures
  • Review the quality of work during construction
  • Conduct security audits to make sure installed security systems meet design intent

Due to the changing nature of the threats, ABS Consulting can also assist in the design and implementation of retrofit security measures, whether they are the development of robust security procedures, deployment of physical and technological solutions or application of blast engineering.

The reduction of security risk should also include business continuity management to assure maintenance of the critical operational output should a successful attack compromise your security measures.


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