Seminar: Safety Culture, Change Management & Organizational Change

Safetec, an ABS Group company, invites you to a breakfast seminar about safety culture, change management and capability for organizational change.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013
08.00 -10.00
Hotel Continental
Oslo, Norway

In the aftermath of last year's report from the 22 July Commission, there has been an increased focus on areas like safety culture, risk recognition, cooperation and capability for organizational change. Many organizations recognize their challenges in these areas, but find it difficult to get started with actual improvements.

What do concepts like safety culture or implementation capacity really mean? What kind of effect do they have on the organization's performance? Why are certain organizations unable to improve upon identified weaknesses? What are the characteristics of successful processes of change?


Please note: Seminar presentations will be held in Norwegian.

Reflections after 22 July

Alexandra Bech Gjørv

Alexandra Bech

Alexandra Bech Gjørv opens by telling about the work of the 22 July Commission.

Gjørv has long experience as a corporate executive and board member in the industry. Today, she is a partner in the law firm Hjort, where she assists clients with her expertise within investigations and crisis management, business and corporate management, labor law, integrity and corruption, and energy. She headed the government appointed 22 July Commission, which produced the independent, public evaluation of the government's and society's handling of the terrorist attacks on the government buildings and Utøya.





Change and reform within the Norwegian National Rail Administration

Christoffer Serck-Hansen

Christoffer Serck-

The National Rail Administration is in the midst of an extensive reform process, due to recognized need for increased determination, simplified decision-making, and a more efficient execution of core responsibilities. These challenges have much in common with those identified in Gjørv's commission report. What does it take to improve the implementation capacity of a large and complex organization? How does one achieve true change? What is challenging about these reform processes? What works well?

Christoffer Serck-Hanssen is a social anthropologist with extensive experience from work related to safety, risk and organizational change. He became Director of Organization in the Norwegian National Rail Administration early this year.



Safety culture - from cause to action

Stian Antonsen

Stian Antonsen

Stian Antonsen, Discipline Leader for safety culture and management in Safetec, sees the recommendations of the 22 July Commission as relevant for the research on safety culture. He will also address challenges and possible ways of drawing upon the commission's recommendations.

Antonsen is an organizational sociologist with ten years' experience from research in the fields of safety management and reform in the public sector. He is a former researcher for SINTEF and NTNU Samfunnsforskning. He is currently Discipline Leader for safety culture and management in Safetec and Associate Professor II in safety management at NTNU.




Jens C. Rolfsen, Specialist Adviser in Safetec, will be hosting the seminar. He has specialized in organizational psychology and has more than 16 years of experience from working with risk and safety management related to change and reform projects.


Registration is now full, but to be placed on the wait list for this seminar, interested parties should contact Safetec at frokost@safetec.no.

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