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Government agencies take a measured approach toward risk. ABS Consulting has provided risk management services to US Government agencies for several decades. As these agencies contend with increasingly diverse risks and additional demand on their resources, we expand our solutions for safety, risk and integrity management.


From occupational to environmental safety, we assist our government clients in establishing processes to manage activities that affect safety for agency employees and the general public.


From quantitative and probabilistic software-based risk modeling to qualitative hazard assessment, we offer our clients solutions addressing many types of risk.


From concept to decommissioning, we assist government agencies make the best use of resources and enhance efficiency.

Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

Most organizations focus their resources on achieving their goals, not managing their risk exposure. Therefore, enterprise risk management (ERM) should not be a standalone process. Rather, ERM should be an integrated element of the performance management system becoming a key focus of business planning cycles (e.g., annual budget planning) following a regular process that guarantees progress in identifying and managing risks.

A History of ASSISTING the US Government

Department of Energy (DOE)

  • To complete required Documented Safety Analyses (DSAs), ABS Consulting's engineers assist the DOE and its contractors implement features of 10 CFR 830 (Nuclear Safety Management).
  • Our blast experts have extensive experience in the analysis, design and testing of DOE facilities and equipment designed to mitigate explosion hazards. We have also analyzed and designed security barriers to prevent intrusions as well as completed retrofits of structures to improve resistance to terrorist bombs.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

  • ABS Consulting provided security risk vulnerability assessment and security risk expertise to the DHS for its Chemical Facility Security Anti-Terrorism Standard inspectors.
  • To perform a consequence analysis of terrorist attacks on Certain Dangerous Cargo Barges and Passenger Ferries for the US Coast Guard, ABS Consulting performed services such as the postulation of scenarios, numerical modeling of both the explosion and structural response, and evaluation of consequences for the vessel, harbor and some typical types of building construction.

Department of Defense (DoD)

  • For the US Navy, ABS Consulting developed a prediction method that provides rationale for management of the inspection intervals for weight handling crane hooks. The project required experimental fatigue testing, appropriate non-destructive testing theory, fracture analysis and crack growth modeling—all incorporated into a structural reliability framework.
  • ABS Consulting led the analysis of the Navy Warfare Development Command's maritime domain awareness experimentation, which involved doctrine development as well as experiment design and analysis.

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