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Mr. Harrison's obtained his Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1996 with an emphasis in structural engineering. Mr. Harrison has experience in the design of new buildings to resist blast loads, evaluation of existing buildings for response to blast, design of building blast upgrades, explosion incident investigations, and the design of blast containment chambers. In addition, he has performed numerous site surveys to collect data on existing buildings and analyzed the level of building response for blast loads. This was done as part of consequence analysis for petroleum and chemical plants in response to OSHA 1910.119 requirements. To aid in upgrading buildings identified as inadequate for blast, Mr. Harrison has developed upgrades to enhance the blast capacity of steel frames and single-degree-of-freedom analysis technique to streamline the implementation of the upgrade design. Mr. Harrison has been involved in several explosion incident investigations during his professional career.

Mr. Harrison's blast effects and design experience is grounded in his testing and explosion incident investigation experience. He has performed full scale explosive field testing of blast resistant portable buildings and he has conducted component level tests of window and door systems in an air driven shock tube. His explosion incident investigation experience includes the 2005 explosion at BP's Texas City refinery, the Humberto Vidal Building explosion in Puerto Rico, and the December 2007 explosion at T2 Laboratories in Jacksonville, FL.

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