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Donald Nordin

ABS Consulting

Mr. Nordin has more than 23 years of experience providing engineering design, review, assessment and operations of marine, offshore and LNG facilities. This experience covers a wide range of areas and project phases. As a consultant for the past 10 years, he provided solutions to complicated problems, and believes that understanding the needs of clients and providing solutions is a key element in a successful consultancy.

During Mr. Nordin's career, he has worked on projects for almost every type of offshore facility. As a facilitator of risk assessments, he has learned the operations and process nuances associated with the facilities. As a Marine Engineer on US Flag vessels, he has maintained, repaired and diagnosed the propulsion, cargo handling, and power generation systems of tankships and barges.

Specific areas of expertise include risk assessment, due diligence, and engineering assessment of marine, offshore and land-based projects; improving client relationships through clear communications of answers; and performance of engineering studies to determine the viability and suitability of project concepts.

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