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John V.Reinert

ABS Consulting

John Reinert joined ABS Consulting after retiring from the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) where he attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Before transferring to the Houston area and working for the maritime risk group of ABS Consulting, John worked for the Government Sector group in the Arlington, Virginia office. While in Virginia he worked on various projects regarding port and waterway safety and security including guidance on the implementation of the Transportation Workers Identification Credentials (TWIC), the Maritime Infrastructure Recovery Plan (MIRP), guidance for facility operators using canines for security, new screening procedures regulations for cruise ship and ferry terminal and updating the program requirements for special interest vessels to comply with the Maritime Operational Threat Response (MOTR) plan.

During his time with the USCG, John served as a Marine Pollution Investigator, Marine Facility Inspector and Federal On Scene Coordinator Representative at the Marine Safety Office in Morgan City, Louisiana; Assistant Chief, Port Operations in San Diego, California; Assistant Chief, Port Operations in Galveston, Texas; Detachment Supervisor in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. As the Designated Head of Delegation for the International Port Security Program, John facilitated partnership between the United States and signature countries to the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. During this time, he accompanied U.S. Customs Border Patrol during their initial Container Security Initiative (CSI) assessment of foreign ports and the Department of State during foreign country training initiatives.

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