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Laura O. Jackson

ABS Consulting

Ms. Laura O. Jackson is a Risk/Reliability Engineer for ABS Consulting. Since joining the organization, Ms. Jackson has been involved in evaluating the risks associated with corporate and government operations through the development and application of a number of methodologies, including relative risk ranking, risk matrices, enterprise risk management (ERM), project risk management, root cause analysis, and hazard and operability (HAZOP) analysis. She has served on teams that investigated incidents at a variety of commercial facilities. She also co-instructs for ABS Consulting and develops instructor-led and Web-based materials relating to root cause analysis/incident investigation, ERM, and transportation risk. Ms. Jackson is a co-author of the Root Cause Analysis Handbook, Third Edition, published by Rothstein Associates Inc.

In the governmental arena, Ms. Jackson has performed comprehensive hazard assessments, including security risk, for the United States Coast Guard (Coast Guard) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). She has completed risk management projects that involve industry experts, risk modeling, and technology-based solutions. Ms. Jackson recently served as the nuclear sector lead for a project sponsored by DHS, and she participated on the development team for the Maritime Security Risk Analysis Model (MSRAM) for the Coast Guard. She is currently on the development team for a computer-based risk management tool for the Coast Guard, which will be used to support sector-level through HQ-level risk measurement and management.

Ms. Jackson previously worked in the nuclear power industry where she provided technical resolutions for nuclear safeguard and security issues and supported the regulatory interface for an emergency operations facility. Ms. Jackson graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science degree in nuclear engineering with a concentration in radiological engineering.

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