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Mr. Stahl's career has focused on determining the consequence effects due to blast loading, gas dispersion, structural damage, fragment/debris throw and penetration, thermal radiation, dropped objects, and toxic effects. He has more than 17 years of experience analyzing the causes and consequences of energetic events using technologies from simple analytical and empirical models, to highly complex computation models such as CFD and FEA. Mr. Stahl has experience in conducting operations and analyses in the field as well as in the office/laboratory on numerous chemical/petroleum facilities at various stages of design and construction for both onshore and offshore applications. He is one of a handful of individuals that has been exposed to the full spectrum of risk and consequence assessments for hydrocarbon and other energetic events.

Mr. Stahl's experience is primarily focused on consequences due to blast loading, thermal radiation, debris/fragments, toxic effects, and other hazardous operations. Effects include those on structures and persons. He has performed both qualitative and quantitative safety and risk assessments to combine consequences and likelihood to provide a measure of risk for an operation. Have determined risks for both personnel and business interruptions and asset losses. He has also been involved in numerous projects involving computational modeling for a wide range of hydrocarbon hazards including: pool, jet, and flash fires; vapor cloud, high explosive, dust, and BLEVE explosions; and buoyant and heavy gas dispersion modeling. Performed CFD analysis for design, accident investigation, R&D, and risk assessments.

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