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Mechanical INtegrity Programs

ABS Consulting has the expertise to help you develop and implement cost-effective and compliant mechanical integrity (MI) programs. Since 1977, our MI experts have provided process safety, reliability and risk assessment services to a wide variety of industries, including chemical, refining, oil & gas production, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, consumer products, ammonia refrigeration, semi-conductor and allied industries.

Our professional engineering staff has helped hundreds of companies develop and implement MI programs and procedures, as well as understand pertinent codes and standards as part of their obligations under OSHA's process safety management (PSM) and EPA's risk management program (RMP) regulations.

Our extensive experience and qualifications are evident through our participation on many industry committees (API, ASME, NFPA, CCPS, IIAR) regarding MI issues. Our industry-leading expertise was recognized when we were asked to author the book often referenced as the industry guidance for mechanical integrity programs, Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity Systems (Wiley, 2006) for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Center for Chemical Process Safety. In addition, we have provided MI training to hundreds of industry personnel through ABS Consulting Training Services.

Mechanical Integrity Services

We also have extensive experience performing reliability-centered maintenance analyses and root cause analyses of equipment failures.


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