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ABS Consulting's Meteorological Information and Dose Assessment System (MIDAS-NU) for nuclear power plant applications is the all-in-one software technology that models atmospheric dispersion of releases of radiological materials during routine and accident conditions.

Benefits of MIDAS-NU include:


MIDAS-NU is designed to support emergency response and planning officials including exercise support and response planning. Its graphical user interface (GUI) is designed for straightforward user entry of information required to define accident scenarios with enough detail to provide critical protective action information during an incident.

Appendix I software tasks provide environmental dose analysis for inclusion in routine Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) reports. Our Radiological Effluents Administration System (RADEAS) software is designed to provide daily support of health physics and radiological effluent permitting and reporting.

Meteorological Data Collection

MIDAS has provided real-time meteorological (since the early 1970s) and radiological data collection (since the 1980s) to provide data necessary to run our emergency response and Appendix I software.

The information gained from meteorological data leads to an improved and informed decision-making process. Resulting data helps clients minimize adverse impacts on humans and facilities after an incident.

Our meteorological services include:


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