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ABS Consulting has provided the mining industry with consulting, verification and certification services for more than 30 years. In addition to those services, we deliver training and industry-leading technology to help clients evaluate and then minimize their exposure to natural, man-made and operational hazards and maximize reliability.


From Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) methods to compliance audits, we help clients improve safety performance and meet regulatory requirements while minimizing their operational dangers and harm to others.


From risk assessments to hazard analyses, we help clients evaluate and minimize their exposure to risk while providing the framework to support their resource allocation.


From audits and third-party inspections to assessing mechanical integrity, we help clients to meet quality standards and extend asset service life.

Building a Strong Reputation of Support to the Mining Industry

Third-party Inspections and Audits

  • Our experience includes site, equipment and technical inspections for clients in Canada, Chile, Finland, France, South Korea, Switzerland and the US.
  • For a client in Chile, we performed an inspection and hydraulic test for a water softening tank to verify that the equipment would meet quality standards.
  • We performed an audit of operations for a mining client in Chile.
  • To help a US titanium manufacturer and distributor meet operational quality standards, we assessed the mechanical integrity and developed a mechanical integrity program manual.

Hazard Analyses

  • Our HAZOP analysis and review of an acid lift station and pipeline, product discharge system and a carbon bake fume control system helped clients in Latin America and the US analyze and minimize their operational risk.
  • We have experience performing PHAs for a wide variety of materials and facilities, including nickel and niobium mines and smelters; acid, iron ore, zinc ore and sulfuric acid plants; and coal mines in Trinidad, the US and Latin America.
  • We conducted PHA training for mining clients in Chile and Australia.

Evaluating Natural Resources and Risk

  • Our seismic and structural risk analyses help clients evaluate potential impacts to gold and copper mining operations in Latin America.
  • We performed an earthquake risk assessment for a mine and filter plant in Argentina.

Analysis and Assessments

  • We performed an analysis of hydrocarbon flare system caused by failures of the electrical distribution system and toxic and flammable releases for a client in Canada.
  • To confirm the safety of transit operations for a copper mining client in Chile, we performed a risk analysis of the organization's automated railway traffic signal and control system.
  • For clients in Chile, we performed an engineering risk assessment, power processing plant and natural gas conversion project risk analysis and other risk services and analysis.

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