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Natural Hazards Risk Management

ABS Consulting structural risk engineers have extensive expertise in design, evaluation, and retrofit of buildings and facilities subjected to natural hazard risks including earthquake, flood and severe windstorm. Our client markets include commercial, chemical, educational, governmental, healthcare, high tech, industrial, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and utilities.

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Partnering with Clients

ABS Consulting works closely with clients to understand their needs and determine a strategy for reducing and mitigating their risk to natural hazards. These strategies often involve the upgrade and rehabilitation of existing buildings and equipment, development of improved operating procedures, transferring the risk through insurance and improved emergency response, and business recovery plans.

We conduct reviews and evaluations of existing and new structures and develop a risk assessment. We evaluate and identify structural and non-structural deficiencies, analyze their significance and prioritize their importance for client operations and physical assets. Our engineers then evaluate reasonable alternatives to achieve cost-effective solutions to minimize operational impact.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of building codes, state-of-the-art design tools and evaluation methodologies. We have in-depth experience with new and historic materials used in construction. ABS Consulting engineers have conducted investigations of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis around the world and apply this knowledge to our projects.


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