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Safetec Seminar Recap: Safety Culture, Change Management & Organizational Change

31 October 2013

Last week, Safetec, an ABS Group company, hosted a breakfast seminar at Hotel Continental in Oslo, Norway, which focused on safety culture, change management and capability for organizational change. 

In the aftermath of last year's report from the 22 July Commission, there has been an increased focus on areas like safety culture, risk recognition, cooperation and capability for organizational change. Many organizations recognize their challenges in these areas, but find it difficult to get started with actual improvements. In this seminar, the discussion was focused on these key issues.


Reflections after 22 July

Alexandra Bech Gjørv opened by describing the work of the 22 July Commission.

Alexandra headed the government appointed 22 July Commission, which produced the independent, public evaluation of the government's and society's handling of the terrorist attacks on the government buildings and Utøya.
Change and reform within the Norwegian National Rail Administration

Christoffer Serck-Hanssen talked about the extensive reform process The National Rail Administration is in the midst of, due to recognized need for increased determination, simplified decision-making, and a more efficient execution of core responsibilities.

Christoffer Serck-Hanssen is a social anthropologist with extensive experience from work related to safety, risk and organizational change.

Safety culture - from cause to action

Stian Antonsen discussed safety culture and also addressed challenges and possible ways of drawing upon the commission's recommendations.
Stian is currently Discipline Leader for safety culture and management in Safetec and Associate Professor II in safety management at NTNU.

For more information

For more information about this event, or other Safetec events, contact frokost@safetec.no

About Safetec

Safetec is a part of the ABS Group, which has more than 2,000 employees in 34 countries. With almost 30 years of experience from risk management in the areas of safety, reliability, and preparedness, Safetec has gained solid competence in the intersection between people, technologies and organizations.


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