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The commercial nuclear power industry has always been a primary focus for ABS Consulting. In fact, we performed the first full-scope, plant-specific Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) and pioneered the use of seismic experience data for nuclear power risk assessments. With offices in over 39 countries combining professional consulting skills with local knowledge and experience, we develop pragmatic solutions that add value and exceed expectations.


From occupational and environmental safety to decommissioning studies, we help our clients establish specific systems, programs and processes to manage safety performance.


From quantitative and probabilistic software-based risk modeling to qualitative hazard assessment, we offer our clients solutions that address many types of risk.


From ASME code inspection to project quality management, our consultants and engineers focus on extending asset service life and overall reliability for our clients.

A Heritage of Supporting the Nuclear Industry

Design and Approval

  • For the new generation of nuclear reactors in the United States, we are performing seismic assessments and process safety assessments for utilities during the design phase.
  • In the US, UK and Bulgaria, we are supplying independent peer advice to nuclear regulators relating to safety assurance, security arrangement, emergency planning and site identification and qualification for new build projects.

Construction and Licensing

  • In Bulgaria, we assisted a nuclear utility in design and risk assessment supporting their nuclear new build project at a partially constructed site.
  • We have provided support to US and UK regulators in their licensing of COL and GDA applications, ranging from environmental assessment and hazard review to design review.

Plant Operation

  • By developing processes and software, we provided risk asset management services for a US nuclear operating company. This work facilitated consistency in decision making concerning investment, plant performance and safe operation.
  • In response to new NRC concerns, we have conducted security vulnerability assessments for 18 US nuclear power facilities, reviewing concerns such as perimeter protection and blast effects.

Plant Lifetime Extension

  • We performed a process safety assessment for certain safety systems at a Swiss nuclear power plant, resulting in backfit cost reductions of more than US $100 million.
  • Our Seismic Margin Assessment of a North American nuclear reactor demonstrated seismic capability. With a savings of US $8-10 million which might otherwise have been required for modifications.

Shutdown and Decommission

  • We supplied engineering support for the removal of all remaining spent fuel assemblies from a US nuclear reactor, enabling the fuel pools to be drained.

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