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Every segment of the oil and gas industry faces unique challenges. From aging infrastructures to increasing security and environmental concerns, ABS Consulting focuses on assisting upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas companies to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.


From occupational and environmental safety to process safety management, we help our clients develop management systems that support safety sustainability and business performance.


From qualitative hazard analyses to security compliance management, we help our clients develop strategies for mitigating risk.


From concept to decommissioning, we help our clients confirm that their integrity management programs support asset performance and deliver measurable results.

A Proven Track Record in the Oil and Gas INdustry


  • By evaluating the existing process control systems, fire control systems and emergency shutdown systems at existing offshore sites, ABS Consulting has helped our clients to improve and upgrade offshore safety standards and certified facilities.
  • We provide a full range of offshore life cycle services for facilities around the world.


  • To support our clients' networks of aging pipelines and related infrastructure assets, ABS Consulting has developed and implemented a pipeline integrity management framework to verify that these assets are suitable for continued service.
  • We have performed broad-based reviews of management systems for pipeline system operators, evaluating documented processes and systems.


  • Using the latest methodologies for screening critical hazards, ABS Consulting has provided advanced simulation capabilities to assess and mitigate hazards for clients who process hazardous chemicals.
  • We have provided technical, project management, training and logistical support to improve process safety management effectiveness at several US refineries.

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