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There are many Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) software packages out there, but there is only one for the serious PSA professional: RISKMAN. For the PSA analyst who needs accurate answers, makes risk-informed decisions and places safety above all else. RISKMAN meets all the requirements of Regulatory Guide 1.200.

Unlike other PSA software, RISKMAN incorporates the four major steps of PSA analysis into one package: data analysis, system analysis, natural hazard analysis and event tree analysis. It makes use of modern mathematical techniques for avoiding approximations. However, when approximations must be done, the exact value of the error is calculated... no more guessing how accurate your results are.

And RISKMAN does your housekeeping for you. Underneath the analysis modules, RISKMAN keeps track of your different risk models, allows you to compare and contrast different assumptions, to create "what if" scenarios, and to present results in a professional way for review by management and regulatory agencies.


"STP has been successful implementing many risk management applications and a big part of our success is because of what RISKMAN can do."
Rick Grantom, Manager, South Texas Project

"RISKMAN is very flexible and easy to use for Top-down modeling and different parts of the PSA model are easily integrated. It is easily adapted for different applications such as external events, security/vulnerability issues..."
Jens-Uwe-Klügel, PSA Manager at Kernkraftwerk Gösgen, Switzerland


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