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Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

Clients call upon ABS Consulting for incident investigation and root cause analysis support when they:


We can provide a comprehensive response to the incident - from simple to complex. Figure 1 below outlines the various roles and activities that ABS Consulting can provide to support an organization following an incident. We will tailor our approach and our team to your specific needs.

ABS Consulting Support

Figure 1: ABS Consulting Roles and Activities


ABS Consulting personnel have performed hundreds of investigations from minor to catastrophic safety incidents, quality issues, reliability problems, equipment failures, environmental releases/excursions, ship mishaps, software issues, nuclear occurrences and petrochemical/refining plant accidents. Not only can we perform the investigation, we can manage the overall organizational response to the incident, including interfaces with regulators (OSHA, EPA, CSB, FDA, DOE, BSEE, etc.), insurance companies and attorneys.

Call Now

To speak directly with one of our lead investigators day or night, call:

1-865-368-HELP or 1-865-368-4357

This telephone number is staffed continuously by one of our lead investigators and is a United States exchange (country code 01).

You may also call any of the following numbers during normal local working hours:

Europe: +44 (0) 141 204 6380

Asia Pacific: +65 6277 1221

Middle East: +971 2 691 2000


For more information

If you have questions or non-urgent issues that you would like to discuss with a lead investigator, send us an email and expect a lead investigator to reply within one business day. You may also call us at the number below during normal business hours and ask to speak with a lead incident investigator.

investigate@absconsulting.com | Tel: 1-865-966-5232

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