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THESIS: The Health Environmental & Safety Information System

Market-leading software THESIS BowTie™ (THESIS) delivers simplified, integrated risk management for your entire business portfolio. Enhanced visuals in THESIS make the elements in your management process readily understandable at all levels across the organization.

ABS Consulting is very proud to announce the release of THESIS v6.0. This latest release boasts many new and improved features. Please see the attached quick referral document for some of the notable highlights.

Supported by ABS Consulting, a global safety, risk and integrity management company, THESIS helps clients analyze and manage the hazards and risks to which their business is exposed. Through a rich graphical interface, the software displays the relationship between hazards, controls, risk reduction measures and business activities. While communicating critical procedures and individual responsibilities to employees, the software demonstrates compliance clearly across all levels—senior management, regulators, principal investors and the public.


THESIS BowTie Example


THESIS BowTie method has become an increasingly recognized standard for enterprise risk management. In response to corporate governance requirements across global corporations, a fully web based version of THESIS has also been created to supplement the more traditional standalone version.

Areas where THESIS may help your business:


Industry Applications

The outreach of THESIS is ever growing with new investment initiatives both internally and externally securing future developments. Innovations within Version 6 are opening up new avenues in a variety of industries and THESIS is being rolled out as the global tool of choice.

Industries Served

THESIS BowTie has been successfully applied in a number of industries and business types, including:


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