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Operating Procedure Development and Implementation


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This course includes lectures, materials, and workshops devoted to developing and implementing your operating and maintenance procedures. During the course, experts will provide an assessment of how well your current procedures are written and whether they address applicable requirements (attendees should submit procedures for review). Through several workshops and class discussions, you will thoroughly cover the issues you face in creating or upgrading your operating and maintenance procedures.
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Who Should Attend:

  • Those who need to write procedures for operating and maintaining processes

Benefits of Attending:

  • Practice performing detailed task analysis and writing stepby-step instructions
  • Learn to write procedures for your primary audience: the operators and maintenance personnel who do the work and the personnel who train them
  • 1.0 CEU, 1.0 COC, 1.67 CMs, ABIH approval #10-240

Duration: 1½ days



Start/End Dates



Day 1

  • Introduction: What is an effective procedure?
    Workshop: Writing effective instructions
  • Regulations and standards for operating and maintenance procedures
    Deciding what procedures are needed
    Workshop: Developing a task inventory
  • Gathering information for a procedure
    The three "islands" of information
    When/why the procedure will be performed
    Main steps, substeps, details, hazards, precautions
    Workshop: Performing a task analysis
  • Formatting the procedures
    Document control features – headers and footers
    Introductory items – procedure titles, sections, and section titles
    Step-by-step formats
    Work documentation features
    Discussion: Which format(s) is right for your facility?
  • Writing step-by-step instructions
    10 rules for writing the most effective instructions
    Workshop: Improving a set of step-by-step instructions

Day 2

  • Addressing operating and maintenance limits and deviations in step-by-step procedures
    Defining "operating and maintenance limits," "deviations" and related terms
    Identifying deviations that may occur, including errors of omission and commission
    Defining procedural boundaries using conditional statements and warnings and cautions
    Workshop: Creating a procedure from the task analysis information
  • Addressing operating and maintenance limits and deviations in continuous operations
    Listing process parameters and setpoints
    Identifying the worst-case and more likely consequences
    Developing troubleshooting steps, preventive measures, and corrective actions
    Workshop: Developing a table of operating and maintenance limits and troubleshooting guidelines
  • Verifying, validating, and certifying procedures
    Workshop: Conducting a field walk-through
  • Managing changes to procedures
    What is considered a "change?"
    Protocol for making and distributing changes
    Timeliness vs. technical accuracy, quality assurance, and buy-in
    Developing your plan of action



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