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Advanced Maritime Root Cause Analysis (RCA) / Incident Investigation

This 3-day course takes our popular Maritime RCA / Incident Investigation course farther. It trains attendees in additional techniques for addressing complex incidents that happen aboard or involve the vessel. Attendees obtain an overview of how to structure an effective investigation program for their company and a discussion of issues that could affect an investigation and the program.


Advanced PHA Leader

Learn the tips, tricks, and secrets that professional analysts use to conduct efficient process hazard analyses (PHAs). Learn how to optimize process sections; conduct meetings; document work for review in regulatory, public, and legal forums; and analyze facility siting issues within the context of a PHA. These techniques include the Dow Fire and Explosion Index and the use of EPA-mandated hazard assessments in your PHAs. Previous experience leading HAZOPs, what if ( what-if )/checklist analyses, and/or failure modes and effects analyses (FMEAs) is required. Previous attendance in the Process Hazard Analysis Leader course (or equivalent) is strongly recommended.
Combine this course with Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses and Management of Change and save!


Advanced Root Cause Analysis

This advanced, 4½-day course allows attendees to participate in additional workshops related to causal factor charting, cause and effect trees, interviewing, physical data analysis plans, near-miss definitions and reporting, trending, and metrics. Attendees also learn to use the license-fee-free SOURCE™ root cause analysis methodology for investigating incidents. In addition to learning incident investigation skills, attendees learn how to meet the requirements of standards and regulations for investigations of incidents with health, reliability, environmental, and quality impacts. Attendees also obtain an overview of how to structure an effective investigation program for their company, including how to define near misses, train others to recognize and report incidents, classify incidents for assigning the appropriate investigator(s), and trend data. You will take back to your company an example of a successful incident reporting and investigation program.

Note: For publicly scheduled courses (see scheduled dates below) the first three days of this course are run concurrently with the 3-day RCA course (Course 120) on Monday – Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, participants in this Advanced RCA course meet separately to cover advanced RCA topics.


Advanced U.S. Environmental Laws

This advanced course on the major environmental regulatory issues teaches how to put information into action. It is designed for senior environmental managers facing compliance challenges with environmental, health, and safety issues while seeking to keep the company competitive. Learn what to expect from EPA and where it is focusing its enforcement priorities.
Combine this course with U.S. Environmental Laws and save!


API RP 752, 753 and 756: Facility Siting Regulations and Compliance

This one-day course addresses the regulatory requirements for facility siting and gives an overview of the methods to satisfy the requirements. It specifically reviews the American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended practice (RP) documents 752 (Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Permanent Buildings), 753 (Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Portable Buildings), and 756 (Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Tents). These documents give guidance for managing the risk from explosions, fires, and toxic material releases to on-site personnel located in permanent or portable buildings. The course is a management-level overview. See also Facility Siting Hazards Analysis Techniques available the same week.


ASME Section VIII Division 1 Pressure Vessel Code Training

In this two day training, expect rich information sharing on the current and latest revision of ASME Section VIII Division 1 Pressure Vessel Code. Find out how these will tie in with the Singapore regulatory requirements, with reputable trainers/speakers from MOM Singapore, SAC, ASME and ABS Consulting representatives.


Attain Peak Performance from Your Security Manpower Contractor and Staff

How do you methodically evaluate the performance of your security manpower contractor? Those responsible for security management should have in place a practical, but flexible metric and criteria driven methodology. What is the desired state you envision for your security manpower staff? How do you implement a cost-effective security metrics process to reach that state? In this workshop you will learn the methods to:

  • Develop and implement a metric-driven performance assessment program
  • Identify root causes of security officer training and performance gaps
  • Substantially improve security officer performance
  • Develop methods to negotiate improved contract terms with higher performance expectations while reducing overall costs
  • Demonstrate the vital connection between what the security force accomplishes and its value to the organization


Ballast Water Treatment Compliance

To comply with the new rule for ballast water discharge treatment published by the U.S. Coast Guard, companies need to make decisions on how to comply. What ballast water treatment technology will work for your ship or fleet? This course will cover what the requirements are, what discharge technologies are available, and who the interested vendors are. You will develop an understanding of how the various treatment types can impact the vessel and the environment.


Ballast Water Treatment Type Approval

Are you confused by the regulatory requirements for ballast water discharge? Are you unsure what you need to comply or how to obtain Type Approval? This course will help you navigate the regulatory maze and paperwork for approval of your company’s technology. Through this course, you will learn which agencies need to approve your product, timelines for approvals, and how to overcome the common pitfalls and issues that may occur in the approval process.


Beyond Environmental Bootcamp

This interactive 2½-day workshop provides an understanding of the complex nature of the major environmental regulations, such as the Clean Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), RCRA, EPCRA, and CERCLA. In addition, the workshop teaches the skills needed to evaluate regulatory applicability and the tools to implement programs that achieve and maintain compliance with applicable regulations.

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