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Reliability-focused Design

Systems should be developed, designed, and modified with reliability as a key goal. This 2½-day course on reliability-focused design is specifically aimed at meeting the needs of individuals involved in improving reliability through engineering and design activities. The best design practices for producing inherently more reliable processes are presented in the course.


Resubmitting EPA RMPlans

Learn how to evaluate and update your existing risk management plan (RMPlan) to comply with the 5-year resubmission requirements of EPA's risk management program (RMP) rule (40 CFR 68). This 1-day course provides expert guidance and proven techniques (developed by ABS Consulting engineers during many years of RMP compliance work) for assessing and updating RMPlans in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses

In this course attendees learn how to efficiently revalidate process hazard analyses (PHAs). By learning how to use a revalidation decision tree, attendees gain a productive revalidation tool that accounts for management goals, previous documentation, PHA quality, and operating history. Whether or not you are subject to the U.S. OSHA process safety management (PSM) regulation (29 CFR 1910.119), it is considered a recognized and generally accepted industry practice to update or revalidate PHAs or other types of risk analyses every 5 years to confirm that the "risk picture" of the process or facility has not changed.
Combined this course with Advanced PHA Leader and Management of Change and save!


Risk Based Process Safety

This course teaches you how to use the Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) guidelines to design a new process safety management (PSM) system, correct a deficient PSM system, or improve PSM practices. This new framework for process safety builds upon the original ideas published by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) in the early 1990s. It integrates industry lessons learned over the intervening years; applies the management system principles of plan, do, check, act; and organizes them in a way that will be useful to all organizations – even those with relatively low-hazard activities – throughout the life cycle of a process or operation


Risk Judgement

In this 1-day course, you will learn the essentials of determining the consequence of a given scenario, estimating the likelihood of it occurring, and the effectiveness of your safeguards against it.


Risk Management Program Compliance

Learn about the mandated components of a risk management program (RMP) and how to implement a compliance strategy. Learn the basics of hazard assessments, emergency response programs, and risk management plans (RMPlans) as well as the current rulemaking and enforcement initiatives such as EPA audits.

Prerequisite(s): Students should attend Process Safety Management Compliance [100] to learn about the prevention program requirements.


Root Cause Analysis and Human Error Prevention Essentials

This 2½-day course combines the essential elements from our popular Root Cause Analysis and Human Error Prevention courses to provide you with the essential elements needed to investigate simple to moderately complex issues and address the human performance issues that are contributors to these performance problems. In the first part of this course, you will learn efficient and effective root cause analysis/incident investigation tools for identifying causal factors, root causes, and recommendations. The second part of this course targets the analysis of human performance issues.


Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation

Learn to use the license-fee-free SOURCE™ root cause analysis (RCA) methodology for investigating incidents. This methodology will help attendees initiate a root cause analysis incident investigation, gather data for investigating all types of incidents, collect data through interviews and parts analyses, apply powerful techniques for causal factor identification, avoid future incidents by developing appropriate recommendations to address causal factors and root causes, structure reports for optimum effectiveness, develop your data-trending process to identify systemic problem areas, and more.
Combine this course with Human Error Prevention and save!


Root Cause Analysis Essentials

This 1½-day version of our popular Root Cause Analysis course is designed for personnel performing investigations of simple incidents. The focus of the course is on identifying causal factors, root causes, and recommendations for human performance problems and equipment issues.


Safety Integrity Level

This course focuses on the principles involved in the design of safety instrumented systems (SIS) that conform to the requirements of ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004 (IEC 61511 Mod). In this intensive 2-day course we will teach the students how to evaluate the need for a safety instrumented function (SIF), evaluate potential system architectures, and analyze the system to determine its predicted performance, from both a risk reduction and reliability standpoint.
Combined this course with Layer of Protection Analysis and save!

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