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THESIS Risk Management Theory and Practice


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This is a two-day course, intended for people who want a thorough grounding in the THESIS principles and practices. This course reviews Risk Management, and Hazard and Effects Management Process (HEMP) concepts, and investigates the latest version of the software that will empower risk experts with the knowledge and the state-of-art tool to drive their safety operation and HSE performance forward.


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Who Should Attend

  • You are THESIS certified and you need a refresher course.
  • You are ultimately responsible for conducting hazard identification and risk management analyses, involved in PSM, in HSEIA, and in planning emergency response.
  • You work in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Ports and Ports Authorities, and Nuclear industries and Local HSE Government Authority.
  • HSE experts keen to evaluate THESIS v6.0

How You Will Benefit

  • Be among the expert group that uses THESIS Version 6.0
  • Network with like-minded SMEs and share industry best practices
  • Appreciate the tools and features of the software
  • Learn how you can create detailed and graphical reports, on hazards, controls, risk reduction measures and operation activities
  • Trial license for two months downloaded on your laptop
  • Valuable Reference Handbook, very useful when training team members
  • Your organization will receive discounts on the purchase of THESIS software and on subsequent training.

Duration: 2 days



Start/End Dates



Day 1

  • What do I need to know to work out the BowTie?
  • Review the Hazard Identification (Hazard Register) and Risk Assessment Process
  • Review the HEMP including:
  • Threat and Consequence Development
  • Barrier Management
  • As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)
  • Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Review the elements and applications of the Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Apply my skills doing Paper-Based Exercises

Day 2

  • THESIS Overview: Features; Data & Graphics Manipulation; Printing & Reporting formats; Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Guided practical use of THESIS
  • How can I practically use THESIS?
  • GAP analysis
  • Derivation of tasks & procedures
  • Document management system
  • Shortfall and action tracking
  • Incident investigation
  • As a complement to the safety statement/assessment, HSE case or HSEIA
  • Illustrating the status & management of risk to management, workforce & regulator
  • Enterprise risk management


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