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How to Develop and Deliver Effective Webinars

April 22, 2014 / 10:00AM EDT
Risk-Based Decision Making Webinar

In today's world, there is constant pressure to deliver information to others in a timely and effective manner. Using traditional instructor led face-to-face discussions or training is increasingly difficult to cost-effectively complete due to travel restrictions, constrained budgets and staff availability.

Synchronous (also known as live) web-based training offers participants the opportunity to deliver information with greater ease. This session will prepare government and contractor managers, supervisors, leaders and trainers to reliably and regularly create and deliver webinars, and therefore, be more effective.

This is an active, participant-focused session that provides participants with valuable skills and tools needed to effectively deliver basic webinars using GoToMeeting software. Although the session will specifically focus on GoToMeeting tools, the methodologies and techniques can be applied using other interactive meeting and training software tools.

What You Will Learn:


Mr. Richard Arnold, Chief Learning Officer, Harkcon, Inc.

Richard Arnold is a retired US Coast Guard officer with 30+ years experience designing, developing, delivering and evaluating domestic and international training programs.  His Coast Guard service features 20+ years in training, operations and command positions conducting challenging maritime law enforcement operations, including successful maritime search and rescue, anti-piracy, fisheries, resource protection, counter narcotics, smuggling interdiction and safety/security zone enforcement.

He personally led international law enforcement training teams that conducted maritime enforcement and anti-piracy training for the Royal Thailand Marine Police, Pakistan Maritime Safety Agency and other nations.  Arnold elped form and start up the Coast Guard's Performance Technology Center, the service's center of excellence for instructional and performance technology.

Mr. Arnold also created, managed, delivered and evaluated major training, exercise, simulation and instructor development programs for a broad variety of government, military and commercial customers during tenure at UNITECH, Lockheed Martin and now at Harkcon, Inc. He provided key service to clients by translating performance and training needs into cost-effective solutions and services ranging from international training program delivery, traditional individual and unit training programs, to technology based applications like simulation, computer/web based training and performance support systems. He creates and delivers instructor development programs to help subject matter experts transition to serving as high performing instructors.  He has also designed and delivered "How To" programs to help instructors and technical experts transition from face-to-face environments to delivering highly effective synchronous and asynchronous web-based programs.

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