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Life Extension: Safely & Effectively Getting the Most Out of Facilities Webinar

September 24, 2013 - 10:00 am CDT

Life Extension Webinar

Due to increasing activities in oil and gas exploration, drilling and production worldwide, many oil and gas companies are seeking the option of converting other types of vessels or laid-up offshore drilling and production rigs, expanding operating capacity of existing units or extending service life of facilities still on station. This webinar will discuss the benefits, methodology and challenges of life extension of offshore production facilities.

ABS Consulting has performed numerous life extension assessments for offshore assets worldwide and has developed life extension plans for some of the operators in the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the life extension studies have been focusing on FPU, FSO, FPSO and Semi-Submersibles that were converted from trading tankers or drilling platforms. In recent years, some of the other forms of production platforms, such as Spars and TLPs, in the Gulf of Mexico, have begun to reach their service lives as designed and their operators are very interested in extending the service lives of these assets.

This webinar discusses:


This webinar will run approximately one hour and is designed to give a focused overview of the topic, while also offering solutions and in-depth information to take-away and implement immediately.


David Hua has more than 27 years of extensive engineering experience including the conceptual, detailed and construction designs of various commercial and naval vessels, third-party engineering design reviews, offshore platform inspections and risk assessments of offshore facilities.


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