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Storage Tank Overfill Scenarios: Using the BowTie Method to Manage Risk Webinar

October 22, 2013
13:00 GMT / 14:00 BST / 8:00 am CDT

Storage Tank Overfill Scenarios Webinar

While often a relatively quiet part of plant operations, tanks and tank farms often represent some of the largest plant risks. Large vessels hold huge quantities of highly hazardous material with little instrumentation and limited operator monitoring. Failure of these equipment items and operator errors can lead quite large fires, explosions and/or toxic vapour releases, like what was seen at Buncefield, Jaipur, Puerto Rico and recently in Texas.

The BowTie method allows safety and risk engineers to display in an easy to read graphic the causes and safeguards for preventing major accident hazards as well as the mitigating features and procedures to minimize the ensuing damage. They provide an easy way of sharing this information with everyone from senior managers and local authorities to front line operators. In this webinar we will demonstrate how to efficiently create and analyze BowTies, with a particular focus on a tank overfill scenario.


What You Will Learn:


Brad Eccles, PhD, is the Director of Process Safety Services at ABS Consulting in the UK. For the past fifteen years, he has supported and managed a variety of projects to help industry identify its vulnerabilities to both natural hazards and man-made errors. Dr. Eccles experience includes performing natural hazard assessments of industrial assets to determine design weakness and identify retrofits for improvements, development of technical specifications for the safe operation of a facility, leading HAZIDs and developing risk registers for use by management in controlling site hazards, and enhancing the BowTie Thesis method for applications beyond the traditional safety use of the tool.


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