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A global leader in risk management solutions, ABS Consulting uses a wide range of risk-based methodology to protect wind farm asset management and integrity. Our clients come from every facet of the land-based and offshore wind energy sector—wind turbine manufacturers, lenders, insurers, owners/developers and operators.

Through every phase of your project, we can help you evaluate and identify your potential project risk—from design or proposal through financing, procurement, construction and operation. We have utilized wind farm quality management to help identify potential problems of on and offshore facilities, analyze the risks involved, prioritize and plan for eventualities and avoid hazardous or unsafe outcomes.

Our expertise, together with EQECAT's work to perform quantify potential risk to U.S. Gulf of Mexico oil and gas platforms and pipelines in its Offshore Energy Model, positions ABS Consulting with a unique blend of knowledge and resources for new challenges in offshore wind energy development. ABS Consulting wind energy risk management program involves the assessment of energy production uncertainty, evaluation of wind or wave load probabilities, study of material, structural and mechanical response characteristics and long-term projections of reliability using in-house software and advanced modeling tools.

ABS Consulting risk management services include:


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